Hyde Drift Boats

Hyde Drift Boats
$149.00 per day

We have many Hyde Drift Boat rentals available for your ideal fishing adventure. 

To book a boat, select the number of days you intend to rent for, enter your rental dates, then enter the number of boats you require for your party.

Dragonfly XL3

Dragonfly XL3 Launch
$129.00 per day

Specifications: Length: 14'9" Width: 67" Diameter: 19" Weight (lbs): 109 Floor: 6" inflatable multi-laminate rigid floor insert 4300 Denier self-bailing floor Oar Locks: Rack & Pinion Capacity (lbs): 2,000 

Noah Studdard


Wonderful people here at Miller Drift Boats, they along with the help of Yellow Sally Shuttle Service found a way to lend me a hand when nobody else in the surrounding areas could!

Success on the water!

Scott Smith


We used MDB and had no regrets. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They even advised us some of the flies to use. The boat did it’s job and the cooler provided kept our groceries cold for three days. I would definitely use them again.

No Regrets!

Jason Zack


Just finished a multi-day float trip on the Henry's Fork. Used an excellent Hyde drift boat from Miller Drifts in Ashton, ID. Miller Drift boat staff had the boat prepped and go for us first thing in the morning. Had all the paperwork ready to go so we could get the boat and get on the water asap. Second or third time using Miller Drift Boats and will be sure to use them again next year for Salmon fly hatch!!